Lego alternatives for adults

Best LEGO Alternatives For Adults You Should Never Miss Out

We've spent the past couple of posts here at Funwhole looking at different LEGO alternatives for adults in a LEGO vs '...' style, but today we decided to more or less take LEGO out of the conversat...

LEPIN Review: Are They Worth Buying?

If LEPIN is a completely new brand to you, then boy oh boy, do we have a lot to tell you about this company today! If you've been following the brand for a while, then you'll know that they have be...
Is Mega as good as Lego?

Mega Bloks Review: Are They As Good As LEGO?

After the success of our previous LEGO vs KNEX post, we thought it'd be a good idea to pit another heavyweight against LEGO to see how they fare. This time, we've chosen Mega Bloks, and throughout ...
LEGO vs KNEX Review

LEGO vs KNEX Review: What's The Differences?

If, like us, you're a fan of construction toys more generally, then today's post is going to be perfect for you. That's because today is focussing on two heavyweights in the construction world: LEG...
Building bricks company

Top 3 Building Brick Sets Brands Of 2022

Despite being as in love with LEGO as we are here, we're also not blind to the fact that there is more than just one building bricks company out there. We wouldn't be doing our job properly as the ...
funwhole building sets

FUNWHOLE Lights Up Building Kits With Its Innovative Brand

What better way to display your building kit creations than have illumination from inside the model? It will bring the construction to life in new and imaginative ways. While building block toys ha...


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