Improve Lego Tree House

How to Improve Lego Tree House Using Creative Ideas

Today we are taking a look at how you can improve your Lego Tree House. Lego modular building is about having fun and getting creative. Think about your Lego Tree House modular as a blank canvas rather than a finished concept.

When you first get your Lego Tree house home, take a good look at it and see if you can come up with creative ideas to make it more personal. Doing so does not mean you have to change the Lego design. Unless you are a very experienced Lego builder, it is best to stick to the original plans. However, there are many ways in which you can make My Own Creation or MOC. We are not telling you what to do, but we like to give you a few ideas.

Lego Tree House Modular Placing Ideas With Funwhole

Where there is one, there is often more. Yes, it is nice to build one Lego modular building. But, there is no reason why you can't create a Lego City Layout.

Okay, we are talking about a tree house, so perhaps it would be better to create a modular Lego village. Before you finish, take the opportunity to plan in other buildings.

Here you recommend Funwhole modular building sets. A Lakeside Lodge and Wood Cabin would not look out of place. You could create one homestead using all three buildings or spread the buildings out. That would turn your MOC into a village or small town.

 tree house modular building sets

In many ways, you can say that both go hand in hand with your Lego Tree House. Perhaps you can create a lakeside property using your tree house, a lodge as a permanent residence, and a wood cabin for visiting guests. Place the setting on a lake, and you have an endless choice of other opportunities.

When you don't want to create a homestead with all three buildings, you could create a small village or hamlet. Building a small road is not very difficult. To further enhance the countryside feel, add trees and other natural elements such as leaves on the ground.

Let There Be Light

No Lego project deserves to " be left" in the dark. One of the best ways of adding a personal touch to your Lego Modular MOC project is to add creative lighting. That way, you add emphasis to parts of your project.

For instance, you may want to add lights to your Lego Tree House. Adding outside lights to the steps will bring the project alive and make it more interactive.

light kit for lego tree house

Not only should you consider adding lights on the outside. Interior lights in the tree house add life and make it look like something is happening. Maybe someone is getting dinner ready? With the addition of LED lights, you can bring your project alive. LED lights also help you to tell a story.

Light is an essential part of modelling and brings any project alive. When you want to buy everything in one kit, check out modular building construction kits from FUNWHOLE. 

funwhole modular building sets

Using Your Lego Tree House and Village As a Creative Base

Don't be afraid to change your village and Lego Tree House setting as the seasons change. There is no reason why your Lego village display should not take pride of place in your home all year round.

In the winter, you can turn your village into a winter wonderland. You can add snow to the roofs. Don't forget about the trees and the lake itself. Add a sprinkling of snow to the trees and ground. Maybe a few ice skaters on the lake would not go amiss. Creating all of these different elements is fun.

Of course, as your creation benefits from LED lights, the atmosphere and ambience will feel like winter making you think about the Holiday Season.

In the spring, you can carpet your village with flowers. As the light fades, you can rely on your LED lights to keep the atmosphere alive.

Who Is Going to Live In Your Lego Village?

The lights are already helping you to tell a story. When you want to create a more in-depth theme, you should add more things for people to enjoy. They draw people in and make your Lego modular MOC more interesting.

Yes, you can add people and animals. How about creating a complete fantasy? We all love things that take us away from everyday life. Also, this makes your Lego Tree House and village a project for the entire family.

funwhole building sheep

Creating a fantasy project is the sort of thing that wins prizes at modelling competitions. Some competitions are live, but you can also participate in Lego modelling competitions online.

minifigures for tree house

To have a greater chance of winning, you need to create something different. Let Lego's Danish origins inspire you. Why not create a Viking or Troll village using your Lego Tree House Modular and the other Lego buildings you have made?

Perhaps a dragon family can live in your tree house? A Viking or troll family can have their residence in the Lakeside Lodge. With the help of the LED lights from FUNWHOLE, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere for a Fantasy Nordic Village.

Final Thoughts

LED lights will add a personal and creative touch to your Lego Tree House and other Lego buildings that you choose to incorporate into your project.

light up modular building sets

There is no rush. Let the project take its time, and don't be afraid to play. Modelling and working with Lego is all about having fun. It is a fantastic way for the entire family to participate in a project.

Lego is great for both large and small projects. Start with a Lego Tree House and let your village grow as you go along. Don't be afraid to play with ideas. That is what is so great about Lego. If your idea doesn't work, you simply start again. Lego is one of those rare creative crafts that knows no boundaries.

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