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Best LEGO Alternatives For Adults You Should Never Miss Out

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We've spent the past couple of posts here at Funwhole looking at different LEGO alternatives for adults in a LEGO vs '...' style, but today we decided to more or less take LEGO out of the conversation. Sure, they're number one in the construction toy world and for good reason, but there are others out there too.

Today, then, we'll be focussing on the best LEGO alternatives for adults so you can see what they're about, what they have to offer, and just how full the construction toy world is of quality products created by passionate, talented brands!

1. Funwhole

Brand Info

If it's wrong for us to start with ourselves, then we don't wanna be right, because we're proud of what we do here and we want to shout it from the rooftops! If you want to learn more about us, then head to our products page, read our about us page, or check out our blog to get to know us better.

But if you're just looking for a snippet - basically, we're a construction toy company that uses bricks to create awesome sets that have their own light kits included. That's right, you get to enjoy the fun that our sets bring the whole day and night through thanks to our lights (get it - Funwhole).

If you're looking for something a little different that adds a little more light to your life, then why not give us a try today?

Our Product Top Picks

We're relatively new, so watch this space for more products launching soon, but for now, our top 3 bestselling kits are:

  • Ocean Adventure Ship (FH9003)
  • Wood Cabin (FH9001)
  • Jack And The Beanstalk (FH9002)

All of our products contain everything you need to build the set and light it up so it becomes a real display piece for your home. What's not to love?

Lego alternatives for adults

Why We Love *Us* (And Why You Will Too)

It seems strange talking about why we love us, but since we'll be talking about why we love the other best LEGO alternatives for adults on today's list, we figured we may as well show a little love to ourselves too.

Really, our main selling point is the fact that we include light kits as standard with all our sets. Why do we think that's important? Because as adults, we like to show off what we've achieved in all its glory, and we just don't think you can do that with building set toys without lights to make the scene come alive. And by factoring these lights into the design of our sets, we're able to create something that feels whole, not like a set with additional lights.

Lights and bricks are something we're genuinely passionate about, so combining the two in all our building kits just makes sense, and we love the finished result. We have a feeling you might too, if you give us a go!

lego vs funwhole


2. Mega Bloks

Brand Info

Now that all that self-promo is out of the way, let's shine a light on some of the other best LEGO alternatives, shall we?

If you want more information about Mega Bloks, you can, of course, head to their website directly, or read our recent review 'Mega Bloks Review: Are They As Good As LEGO?' to find all the info you'll need.

Our Product Top Picks

Of their extensive range of products, here are our personal 3 favorites:

  • Mega Bloks HALO Forward Unto Dawn (97117)
  • MEGA Construx Pokemon Jumbo Eevee
  • MEGA Construx Masters Of The Universe Castle Grayskull

Each of these builds are appropriate for adults either because of their epic scale and complexity, or because of the nostalgia it brings - but be sure to check out their entire range because they have a lot more to offer than just this!

Mega Bloks HALO Forward Unto Dawn (97117)

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

Mega Bloks aren't ashamed of being no.2. In fact, they're proud of it. And because of their position as no.2, they attract huge brands to collaborate with them (as seen from the HALO and Pokemon examples above), helping them create some of the most exciting building sets around.

It's not just the brands that keep customers coming back for more though: the quality, value, and variety on offer here is second to one (LEGO, as Mega Bloks themselves will admit), and this company has so much to offer adult construction toy fans, so we're proud to feature them on our list today!

3. K'NEX

Brand Info

K'NEX don't need an introduction from us, they're huge everywhere right now and you'll no doubt already know about them. If you don't, then head to their website or read our post, 'LEGO vs KNEX: What's The Differences?' for all the info you need!

Our Product Top Picks

Here's 3 of our favorite sets from K'NEX:

  • K'NEX Thrill Rides Looping Light-Up Roller Coaster (51455)
  • K'NEX Thrill Rides Sun Of Serpent Coaster (52242)
  • K'NEX Mario Kart Wario Kart Building Set (38230)

K'NEX's real magic is in the way you can make almost anything out of their unique construction method, so be sure to check out their full range of products because there's far more than just the 3 we love here.

K'NEX lego alternative

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

K'NEX is special in a way the others featured on the list so far today isn't, and that's because of the flexibility of their construction method. The rods they use have a good amount of flex before they're at risk of breaking, allowing the company to create sets that truly stand out.

If you've never had the pleasure of experimenting with a K'NEX building set, then do yourself a favor and pick one up. The only limit here is your imagination, and you'll be able to create some seriously impressive builds!

4. CaDA Bricks

Brand Info

CaDA Bricks vs LEGO isn't exactly a fair fight, because although they offer similar products, CaDA really has a heavy emphasis on cars, trucks, and bikes (although their other products are definitely worth checking out too).

Established in 2016, this China-based company is quickly gaining traction as one of the best LEGO alternatives for adults out there because of their high-quality products, variety, and their special attention to their CaDA Technic line of products which includes a Super Car series that's well worth exploring.

Lego cheaper lego alternatives

Our Product Top Picks

Here's just 3 of our favorites:

  • CaDA Bricks Formula Race Car (C64004W)
  • CaDA Farm Tractor (C61052W)
  • CaDA Buckingham Palace (C61501W)

Vehicles, construction themed sets, and buildings are just some of what's on offer over at CaDA.

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

There are many reasons to love CaDA, but for us it's their focus on their CaDA Technic products, where they're able to lovingly recreate some of the most fascinating cars, bikes, and vehicles for us to build for ourselves at home. And if that's not a reason to love this brand, we don't know what is!


Brand Info

This Polish-based construction toy brand is yet another LEGO alternative that offers a lot for us adults. They've been working on their range of plastic brick toys since 1992, and they've only gotten better at it as they've gone along.

Today, they have some of the most exciting products of any LEGO alternative brand, and it's definitely a company you should check out if construction toys are something you're into.


Our Product Top Picks

Let's take a look at 3 of our favorite products from COBI:

  • Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (COBI-5703)
  • RMS Titanic 1:300 (COBI-1916)
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis (COBI-1930)

Military themed sets are something that COBI does really well, but we've tried picking a selection today to show you just some of the highlights of their vast range.

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

COBI clearly loves military sets, and that's one of their ranges that we love so much too. Their passion and talents really combine in these sorts of sets, and with so many ranges relating to the military on offer, it's easy to find something that appeals to you as a customer, too. They're truly an exciting brand, and we can't wait to see what they do next.

6. Sembo Block

Brand Info

Sembo Block vs LEGO is yet another fight we could talk about, but today we just want to shine a spotlight on Sembo Block themselves. This China-based company began in 2015, and their passion lies in helping children develop fine motor skills, but they also have a range of adult construction toys that clearly show this brand loves the construction toy world more generally, and that love is evident in all of their products.

Our Product Top Picks

Here's just 3 of their best products in our opinion:

  • SEMBO iPhone Store Street Scene (601020)
  • SEMBO Juggernaut Hurricane: Bugatti Sports Car (701602)
  • SEMBO Florist Exclusive Shop Street Scene (601023)

Personally, it's their Street Scene range that we love the most, because although it's clearly been inspired by LEGO City, it offers so many unique options that building a SEMBO City is something that seems like a genuinely exciting possibility in the future...

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

There's no denying that Sembo Block has taken a lot of inspiration from LEGO, but they create unique sets that stand up in their own right among some of the best LEGO alternative sets out there. It's a brand that pours creativity, imagination, and passion into everything they do, and the finished results are sets that have boundless possibilities for future growth!

7. Sluban

Brand Info

Sluban is a European brand that offers a really unique set of products that are based on the brick construction toy paradigm. They're clearly a passionate bunch and that can be seen at the Toy Fair in Nuremburg each year, where they take part in a showcase displaying all of their upcoming sets. It's this love for the bricks that we relate to most, and it's clear from their products that quality means everything to them.

Sluban building sets

Our Product Top Picks

Want some examples of their best work in our opinion? Then here's 3:

  • Sluban Blue Jet Fighter 2 in 1 (M38-B0985)
  • Sluban Police Office (M38-B0660)
  • Sluban Pit Lane (M38-B0765)

There isn't any single range we love more than the others with Sluban, and that alone speaks volumes about the depth of their products!

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

There's so much to love here. But if we had to pick out one thing we love the most (and the one reason we think you should check out Sluban), it's the variety they have on offer. Maybe we've been sleeping on Sluban for too long, because this LEGO alternative already has a vast range of products just waiting for us to explore, and most of us probably hadn't heard of them until today. Well, we're glad we've fixed that, because Sluban looks like one of the most promising LEGO alternatives for adults out there!

8. Kre-O

Brand Info

Finally, we're finishing on something of a somber note, because Kre-o, whilst awesome, is actually no longer operating. Their range of products released from 2011 to 2017, though, are still very much circulating online for fans to get their hands on. Maybe if Kre-o had more support back in the day, they'd still be operating. We don't know for sure, but it's certainly a cautionary tale about supporting smaller LEGO alternatives to show them love so they can keep on creating amazing sets. Kre-o might be finished for now, but their awesomeness still shines on today!

Our Product Top Picks

Let's take a look at 3 of their most sought-after products:

  • Kre-o Create It Star Trek USS Enterprise (A3137)
  • Kre-o Transformers Autobot Assault Devastator (A1266)
  • Kre-o Create It Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey (A3136)

As you can see, Kre-o got some pretty big brand deals, and we're hoping to see them return in the future!

Why We Love Them (And Why You Will Too)

Kre-o offers something entirely different from the other 7 best LEGO alternatives for adults, because the reason we love them so much is the nostalgia factor. The fact you can't get your hands on these sets anymore is a shame, but it adds a layer of exclusivity and, better yet, the products that are circulating online are some of their best and most exciting, anyway! Star Trek and Transformers are enough to send our 7-year-old selves reaching for our wallets, that's for sure...

See, There's More Than Just LEGO...

Hopefully, today's article has shown off the amazing talent in the construction toy world, and given you something to think about when you're looking for the very best LEGO alternatives for adults. Sure, we'd love for you to give us a try here at Funwhole, because we think we have products that you'll really love. But honestly, we hope you give the other alternatives a try too.

After all, there's no such thing as too many great LEGO alternatives for adults, because the more there are the better it is for you as the customer, and the better it is for us as a business, because it pushes us to be even more passionate, imaginative, and competitive with the products we create.

So, if it's us, or someone else on today's list, we hope you have a lot of fun with these LEGO alternatives for adults, and we hope you come to love them just as much as LEGO themselves!

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