Favorites for block enthusiasts!

Newsstand 556PCS

Western Saloon 2026PCS

Medieval Apothecary Shop 1470PCS

Farm Store 1523PCS


Building set wiht lights

Hen House 323 PCS

Whether you're expanding an existing setup or starting fresh, this hen house is an essential addition for any farm enthusiast, bringing your entire farmyard scene to life.

Funwhole Medieval Watchtower Building Blocks Toy-Guardiance Castle with Soldier Farmer Minifigures Collectible Display Set 1625 Pcs for Adults and Teen

Medieval Watchtower 1625PCS

Recreate the grandeur and majesty of medieval architecture. With its unique design and sturdy construction, this well-built watchtower is a highlight of your model collection.

Carpentry Van 496PCS

Follow Alan's lead and make the carpentry van your workhorse. Whether it's for emergency repairs or routine maintenance, it will demonstrate your passion for craftsmanship and your dedication to perfection. Start your journey to professional carpentry with Alan!

About Funwhole

FUNWHOLE is the world's first brand of light bricks. It originates from our basic understanding of the world: the world we live in includes both the day and the indispensable wonderful night.

However, the reality is that there is no such a brand that can perfectly express day and night with both lights and bricks, so we create a new lighting bricks brand - FUNWHOLE which to express both beauty of the day and the wonderful bright night.

The brand name FUNWHOLE is a perfect expression of this concept: WHOLE represents the WHOLE world of both day and night; FUN stands for happiness; we hope that our brand can bring everyone the whole happiness of day and night.

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New Arrivals Calendar

Antique Store (Antique Co.) 2847PCS(Officially available on July 19)

The Antique Store will be officially sold on July 19. The uniquely themed European architectural collectibles will become the embodiment of your good taste. The brand's original parts will bring a better experience to the light building blocks. This will be an excellent collection and display.

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