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To give our customer a better understanding of Funwhole products, the user guide will help you properly identify and explains some of the attention details during the installation process.

About Funwhole® Lighting Kit User Guide


  • Power should be less than 5v, it is very helpful to the light;
  • Not for children under six;
  • Please prepare tweezers and have a test of the light to make sure all can light up;
  • LED lights damage easily. Please take it as carefully as you can;



      • connect to power bank or battery box and light up your building blocks;
      • When Installing, please make sure that the wire is hid between two knobs of the plate, but not be pressed by the bricks directly;
      • Remove the side of the street light brick ,and Hide the cables at the bottom; 
          • Hide the spare wire under the bricks;
          • Led plates is always installed on the ceiling;


          •  lights can be placed either on or between studs of the Lego® pieces.

          • Strip lights have a self-adhesive back which can be used to stick on Lego® pieces.

          • Cables should be laid between two studs of the Lego® pieces to avoid damage of cables and light.

          • Connector can be inserted to ports of the strip lights in only one way. Force it into a port may damage the plug and connector.

          • Connector can be inserted to ports of the expansion boards in only one way. Make sure the plug face the right way before connect.


          • Check your batteries. Check if the batteries have power and they are inserted correctly into the battery pack.

          • Check your wires. Make sure the wires are attached to the LED.
          • Check your expansion boards. Check if the pins inside in ports are bent.

            WARNING TIPS

              • LED components are delicate, please take extra care when you install.
              • If a plug won't fit easily into a port connector, don't force it. Otherwise, it will damage the plug and connector, even cause a short circuit. If you suspect a short circuit, DISCONNECT POWER IMMEDIATELY to avoid potential dangers.