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Top 3 Building Brick Sets Brands Of 2022

Despite being as in love with LEGO as we are here, we're also not blind to the fact that there is more than just one building bricks company out there. We wouldn't be doing our job properly as the building brick enthusiasts we are, if we didn't highlight these other brands and talk about some of the most impressive sets on offer by all the top 3 building bricks sets brands: LEGO, Funwhole, and Cobi.

Today, then, we'll take a look at the best model kit brands in the market today, and just indulge all of our passions: bricks! Ready to hear more about the best sets these 3 brick powerhouses sell? Then let's dive right in!


LEGO is always going to be the leader in the brick building market because it's the oldest one and it had patented the idea for years, so nobody could make sets like they could anyway. During this time, they built a dedicated fanbase, attracted some mega brands, and created an air of exclusivity around the brand that still attracts more fans and more brands to them to this day.

It's stated that Lego is the world’s largest toy company globally. What we're trying to say is that LEGO is unbeatable in this area, but Funwhole and Cobi do a great job of challenging them.

To highlight the differences between all 3 brands, let's take a closer look at 2 of each brand's bestselling sets to see what attracts their fans to them.

Seinfeld (21328)

If you're of a (*ahem*) certain age, then we're sure you'll remember the popular 90s sitcom, Seinfeld. This Seinfeld LEGO set number 21328, represents perhaps the most famous set on Seinfeld - Jerry's Apartment, and across the 1326 piece set it features a bunch of different subtle details from the show that loyal fans will notice right away. Add in 5 minifigures - Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes, and Newman - and you've got a winning combination.

Lego Seinfeld (21328)

It's no wonder this is one of LEGO's bestsellers. It's everything LEGO is known for - taking something popular, representing it in bricks, and then filling it with a bunch of details that fans will love.

AT-AT (75313)

We couldn't talk about LEGO without talking about a LEGO Star Wars set, and this LEGO AT-AT (75313) 6785 piece display set is one of their bestsellers. It's not hard to see why. It's a lovingly recreated version of the infamous AT-AT from Star Wars and it's instantly recognizable. But given that this set is so big, it appeals to fans of building and fans of Star Wars alike, making it popular with everyone.

That's another thing LEGO does so well: taking big brands, bringing in their fans, but still making it popular with fans of LEGO, too. That way, they target two markets at once, and that explains why they're at the top of their game!

lego at at 75313


Funwhole started out as a building bricks company that specializes in building bricks with lights.

Their special building bricks have lights incorporated into them to celebrate their unique sets in all of their glory - because Funwhole believes that their sets should be celebrated in day and night.

That's also where we get our name from - fun, meaning happiness, and whole meaning day and night - so their sets are unique in that we want to bring you the whole happiness of day and night, so you can enjoy the sets all the time. Funwhole building bricks are compatible with Lego, which make it possible to build your modular layout with Funwhole and Lego. 

Funwhole Wood Cabin Building Kit

This Funwhole Wood Cabin Building Kit is the perfect example of what this brand can achieve. At first glance, you might think it looks just like a LEGO set, and in many ways it is, but what sets it apart are the lights.

The overall look of the set is impressive, but when the lights come on the atmosphere becomes even more cozy, even more authentic, and the whole 2097 piece set comes alive.

This set sums up Funwhole as a brand really, so it makes sense that the set is one of our bestsellers. 

funwhole wood cabin

Funwhole Jack And The Beanstalk Building Set With LED Lights

It also makes sense that this Funwhole Jack and The Beanstalk Building Blocks set is one of our bestsellers too. It takes something everybody loves (a childhood story: Jack and The Beanstalk) and creates the infamous Beanstalk across its 928 pieces. The lights add to the fairytale with this one and the set really looks spectacular when it's lit up in the evening.

This Jack and The Beanstalk set is a sign of what's to come from Funwhole. Taking big brands, big ideas, and recreating them in brick form like LEGO do, but then going one step further by lighting them up! Please keep an eye on what's to come from Funwhole next!

Funwhole Jack And The Beanstalk


Cobi is actually the largest manufacturer of construction building blocks in Central and Eastern Europe, and it has a very different style compared with LEGO and Funwhole. Their sets are very different in style, design, and topic choice and they definitely fill a gap in the market which hasn't been addressed by the others.

To understand their brand more, let's look at their bestselling sets so we can see why people are opting for Cobi as a unique way of experiencing the building bricks sets we love!

SU-100 (Historical Collection World War II)

Cobi's SU-100 Historical Collection World War II set is typical of what this brand offers - incredibly detailed sets (this one is basically the Soviet SU-100 on a scale of 1:28) that target unique topics that not many other brick building brands have tackled. Of course, you'll find military sets elsewhere, but Cobi are carving a name out for themselves as the go-to place for seriously unique sets with a style all of their own.

cobi SU-100

Now, Cobi do have more than military sets - they offer adventure, action town, and other vehicle sets too - but it's their military sets that sell the best because they appeal to so many people. Fans of building, military collectors, and anybody looking for something a little different on their display shelves.

Black Hawk UH-60 (Limited Edition)

Carrying on Cobi's most popular theme is the Black Hawk UH-60 Limited Edition set. The keywords here are 'Limited Edition', because that's another thing Cobi does so well. They have multiple collections that appeal to the masses, but they also develop limited edition collections that are a little more specialist, but still fly off the shelves.

cobi Black Hawk UH-60

This BlacK Hawk set is packed full of detail that's relevant to this American modern combat chopper, and anybody with an interest in modern military equipment will find it hard to keep their hands off this set. We love it, and the rest of the world loves it too - that's why it's one of Cobi's bestsellers!

Head vs Heart Of Best Model Kit Brands

As exciting as these other brick brands are, though, LEGO will always have a special place in our hearts here. Funwhole incorporates the great lighting into their bricks, making a very amazing playset to display. Cobi have a unique style that sets them apart.

So many of the building sets are truly impressive. So don't miss out those great building bricks toys from the above three best model kit brands.

BTW, some of you may want to add a lighting kit to Lego. Lightailing provides the compatible light kits for them to make their already stunning sets even more exciting!

lego light kit

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