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Cobi Review: Are Cobi Building Bricks As Good As Lego?

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COBI is a leading manufacturer of bricks similar to Lego. The company offers a range of building kits you can buy and build at home. If you are new to this hobby, you are probably wondering if there is any significant difference between COBI and Lego.

What You Need to Know About COBI: The Complete Cobi Review

If you are not familiar with COBI, we thought it would help you to have some basic brand info before we check out how COBI compares with Lego. Is COBI Lego compatible?

Basic COBI Brand Information

As most of us know, the Lego company was founded in Denmark. The COBI company is not located a million miles away from Lego.

COBI was founded in Warsaw in Poland back in 1987. When the company was first set up, it specialised in manufacturing puzzles and games. Since those early days, COBI has seen a rapid expansion in its product range.

Five years after the COBI was founded, it invested in a mould factory and started to produce plastic construction blocks. Originally called Colbert, the COBI company has come a long way. Today, the company has a sales network covering all of Europe. Globally, COBI ships to more than 60 countries.

COBI Review Results

Is COBI as good as Lego? Let's take a look at the characteristics of COBI and find out if it offers value for money.

What Are The Characteristics of COBI?

As an experienced modeller, one of the first things I noticed was a large number of parts in the box. When I first opened the box, I was a bit overwhelmed.

The instructions are good, but you need to follow them to the letter. COBI kits don't indulge mistakes. When you build a COBI kit, make sure you check your work as you go. Any mistakes made may not become apparent until later in the build. That means you have to backtrack and undo all of your hard work.

COBI kits are perhaps geared more towards serious modellers. Kits and models are not about what I like to call "playability." COBI is about ending up with an authentic-looking model.

COBI Quality

What is the quality like? The quality of COBI kits is every bit as good as Lego kits.

COBI toys are perhaps geared more towards the serious modeller. The models are much more realistic. When you look at a COBI model, you can instantly recognize what life-size source of inspiration it resembles. A good example would be the Sop with Pup F1 Set. The details compared to other similar sets are pretty amazing.

What About COBI Minifigures?

There is a distinct difference. When you look at COBI minifigures, you notice they are less childlike. The legs are not as long as Lego minifigures. The minifigures also have more of a 3D feel.

If you like playing with the figures, Lego figures are more "playable." COBI figures are more for display purposes. But, this works when you are into more serious modelling.

cobi figures

COBI Bricks and Value For Money?

As far as value for money, COBI bricks and kits are easier on the pocket. If you enjoy building lots of models, COBI could be a better choice.

The range of brick kits is different. At the end of the day, value for money relates to what you would like to build. Value for money not only relates to the quality of the kit. The right choice of models is just as important.

COBI Themes

When it comes to military and historical themes you can say that COBI reigns supreme.

A lot of thought goes into researching the accuracy of COBI themes and kits. The attention to detail is second to none.

I know many other serious modellers who prefer COBI kits as far as military and historical themes go. When you just want to build something that is just fun but still requires technical skill, Lego is the best choice for you.

Many modellers that are into wargaming appreciate COBI kits.

cobi catalogue

What Are the Most Popular COBI Products?

When comparing COBI vs Lego, you have to look at the COBI product range.

The Titanic Limited Edition is one of the most popular building block sets from COBI. One of the reasons this model is popular with builders is because of the attention to detail. Compared to other kits, it is very detailed. That is amazing considering it consists of 1,100 blocks. Follow the instructions, and you end up with a fantastic model measuring 25 inches. 

Cobi Titanic Limited Edition

Other popular products include:

  • SD. KFZ. 121 Panzer 11 Ausf. F Light Tank Model Number 2527-420
  • Tank Mark 1 WW1 Tank Model Number 2972
  • Tiger 1 Heavy Tank Model Number 30008-545
  • F-14 Tomcat Model Number 5811
  • Maserati MC20 Model Number 24335

COBI Pros and Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons when it comes to COBI.


  • High-quality models
  • Good choice for both experienced and less experienced model builders.
  • Extensive range of combat vehicles including planes, tanks plus ships and aircraft carriers.
  • Clear instructions that are easy to follow.
  • A good value alternative to Lego.
  • Accurate models


  • Minifigures let some kits down.
  • Less "playable" when compared to Lego.

COBI has a lot of 5-star ratings, and the cost of the kits offers excellent value for money.

In Conclusion

One of the great things about COBI is that it is compatible with Lego. At the same time, the company offers something different. For enthusiasts of brick building, it is an excellent alternative when you would like to build a project that does not have a Star Wars or other dedicated theme attached to it.

COBI brick building kits offer a good building experience. The focus of the company is less on play and more on the building process itself.

When you are looking for building kits with a difference, you should also check out FUNWHOLE. The kits from FUNWHOLE stand out in a crowded market place. When you want to add something different to your city or village layout, FUNWHOLE has a lot to offer.

funwhole building sets

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