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LEGO train sets will always delight builders of all ages because we rarely grow out of our fascination for locomotive designs and playing with train sets. But what do you do when you've built all the interesting official LEGO trains? Well, there are countless LEGO steam train MOC designs online to keep you going.

The range of train-themed LEGO MOC models is impressive and broad. There are classic locomotives from different countries and eras, as well as more contemporary options. There are also plenty of stations, platforms, carriages, and other elements to add to displays. Here are 4 of the best LEGO MOC train designs to consider.

1. Flying Scotsman - LNER Class A4 Steam Locomotive

Let's start with a classic idea. If you want to build an aesthetically pleasing locomotive for your collection, there are plenty of different LEGO steam train MOC designs out there. Some are alternative builds of existing designs, such as the Crocodile, while others take on famous train designs for something a little different. This Flying Scotsman locomotive is a great example of the latter.

Flying Scotsman - LNER Class A4 Steam Locomotive

The shape of the Flying Scotsman is iconic, and this designer does a good job of replicating that in the thin body of the engine and the sleek smoke deflectors on the side. This is instantly recognizable, even if some fanatics might argue that the color is a little too dark. With that said, the deep racing green on the engine and matching cars look great against the black. Extra details, such as the coal in the first carriage and the lights at the front, all give the model a greater sense of purpose.

2. Subway New York

The great thing about delving into the world of LEGO train MOC designs is that they don't have to be old-fashioned trains. If you prefer, you can find a design that is more modern and relates to personal experiences of train travel. You can even find a range of designs all about subway trains. This is great for those that love to ride underground when in their favorite cities. You can also get modular LEGO subway station designs to go with them.

Subway New York

While the classic design of the London tube cars is appealing, our recommendation for subway trains is this New York model. The reason for this is the greater attention to detail in the shape and design of the two-car model. On the outside, you have a standard carriage with the lights, number, and bumpers on the end. There are also double passenger doors and little windows. However, you also have the chance to open this up and build the interior with its little brown seats and poles. There is also a cab for the driver and little controls.

3. Back To The Future

Finally, for these LEGO moc trains, we have something a little bit different. It is always fun to make models with links to popular culture and movies, and there are a few trains out there that are perfect for brick recreations. Naturally, a lot of people focus on LEGO Hogwarts Express MOC because of their ongoing love for the Harry Potter series. However, you can also find some interesting models from other franchises. Rebrickable member One Brick Pony specializes in vehicles from TV and film, and his Back To The Future train set is impressive.

Back To The Future

Later in the franchise, Doc and Marty travel back in time to the days of the Wild West and use a special time-traveling train called the Jules Verne. At its core, there is a classic steam locomotive of the era with all the authentic pistons and boiler. However, Doc has upgraded it with clever gizmos and controls to get it between timelines. This MOC captures that brilliantly with the clever details in the power systems and internal control panel, all without getting complicated. There is also a nice color scheme with a black and red exterior and metallic features. This includes the fun initials on the side and other print graphics.

One of the appealing things about the original Back To The Future train is the way it brought in steampunk elements to the exaggerated design. However, if you want a steampunk-themed train set with added impact, you might prefer our next suggestion.

4. Steampunk Ore Train 

This train set build takes the steampunk idea to grander levels while retaining the feel of a classic and practical train. The locomotive has a lot going on, which allows for a great building experience. There are again lots of metallic parts alongside the black and brown body of the train, including the strong grill at the front, fan blades, and different cogs and wheels. Attached to the locomotive is the ore carriage that gives the set its name. There is a storage area on top for an array of translucent crystals and the carriage also has an access door and lanterns at the sides.

Because this is a Funwhole set, the fun doesn't stop with the finished model. There are lots of LEDs across the build to turn this into a beautiful display piece at night. The star feature is the ore, which has a cool glow thanks to those translucent blue pieces. But, there is also the warm interior lighting, side lanterns, and the little lamps at the front of the train.

Finally, another thing we love about this set is that it pairs so well with the Steam Punk Train Station set. This set uses a similar color scheme with the warm brown brickwork and all the metallic pipes and cogs for the steam-powered functions. It is also modular with its adaptable platforms and has additional lighting.

There Are Countless LEGO Train MOC Designs Out There

Anyone with a love of trains will be able to spend hours searching through online MOC designs and alternative sets and enhancing their collection. Whether you prefer the classic era of steam, the modern designs of subway systems, or something more quirky, there is a train set out there for you.

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