Mysterious Temple of Doom

Where Is the Mysterious Temple of Doom?

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Most of us remember the Hollywood blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The movie probably made many of us think and wonder if there actually are jungle temples or jungle pyramids.

As a matter of fact, mysterious jungle temples and pyramids are found all over the world. Many of them have mystical connections.

Finding a Jungle Temple to Visit

Indiana Jones's jungle temple was located somewhere on the Indian subcontinent. Unlike Raiders of the Lost Arch, the movie failed to tell us exactly where this mysterious temple was located.

However, when it comes to the Indian subcontinent, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to jungle pyramids. Temple-like structures have been part of religious worship in this part of the world for thousands of years. Almost anywhere you travel in India, you can come across a temple in the jungle.

Locals are probably aware of at least a few jungle temples that outsiders don't know about yet. Wouldn't it be exciting to find a jungle pyramid or temple that no one else has seen?

If you do remember to be careful. As we have learned from Dr. Jones, entering a temple is fraught with hazards.

Temples in Other Places in the World

One of the best places in the world to see jungle temples is in Mexica. The Maya Indians were master craftsmen as far as jungle pyramids go.

Although many of the Maya temples in Mexico have been excavated, there are still mysteries to be solved. At one of the most famous Maya jungle temples on the Cancun peninsula, clapping your hands together at the bottom of a great staircase produces the sound of a big bird squawking.

Despite a lot of research, engineers and archaeologists have not as yet figured out how the Mayans managed to create this illusion. Archaeologists believe priests dress up as giant birds and as worshippers clapped, the sound was produced.

It is amazing to think that the same acoustic illusions still work well a thousand years later.

jungle temple

Lost Jungle Temples

There are also lost jungle temples in Cambodia and other parts of Asia.

Some of the sites dedicated to these temples are huge. It goes to prove how important religion and mysticism were to ancient people.

Of course, there are parts of the world where people still worship at jungle temples and pyramids. If you would like to see these practices taking place, one of the best places to visit is perhaps India.

Can I Find My Own Lost Jungle Temple?

Many jungle pyramids around the world have been discovered. But, that being said, it is believed that there are temples in South America still waiting to be discovered.

The South American continent is rumored to be full of lost cities and temples waiting to be found.

The problem is that the jungle in this part of the world is so dense that it is hard to get around. A temple can be hiding right in front of you, but dense vegetation may stop you from finding it.

This is often the problem that archaeologists come up against. Most of the temples that have been found in South America, Central America, and Mexico, have been found by chance. Explorers have more or less tripped over them.

Launching Your Temple Expedition

Before you go ahead and launch your own temple expedition, it is good to do some research.

Google Earth has made it easier for us to do our own research. Today, many scientists start by locating an already-discovered temple on maps. From the temple and surrounding area, they start looking for roads.

Yes, just like the Romans, the Mayans and other indigenous Indians built roads. Some of these roads can actually be seen by satellite if the jungle has been cleared.

The roads are not made from asphalt or concrete. Instead, they are made from stone blocks. These are the signs that professionals look for. But, there is no reason why you should not look for them yourself.

If the jungle has not been cleared, you may just be able to spot them anyway. Where vegetation is more sparse, you are perhaps lucky enough to pick up signs of trails and paths in the jungle.

Going into the jungle is dangerous, make sure that you take someone with you who has previous experience.

The Temple Of Doom

If venturing into the jungle is not for you, there is no reason why you can't have your own Temple of Doom.

What could be better than having a temple in the comfort of your living room?

The Jungle Temple Terraria, or the Ruined Temple of the Jungle, is the perfect option for when you don't want to go walking around jungles infested by dangerous animals or priests trying to protect an ancient treasure.

Funwhole Ruined Temple of The Jungle

This building kit from Funwhole comes with everything you need. If you already have other block-building kits from Funwhole, it is another ancient structure you can add to your collection.

The kit comes with everything you need to complete the build. To make your jungle temple a little bit more exciting, Funwhole has included LED bricks. This makes the entire set come alive once you have finished it.

Jungle Pyramids

The set consists of 1,242 building bricks. You also get clear instructions on how to build the kit.

It makes an exciting project for the entire family. As usual with all kits from Funwhole, there is a bit of a story to tell.


Yes, it would be exciting to think that there is a mysterious temple waiting to be discovered out there in a jungle.

Maybe when you have finished building your own Ruined Temple of the Jungle, you can check out Google Earth and see if you can find traces of a lost temple or city in the South American jungle.

Who knows, maybe you will be the one to find Eldorado - the fabled City of Gold? I wonder if Dr. Jones would be interested in going on an adventure. In the meantime, don't miss out on the Ruined Temple of the Jungle from Funwhole.


Miriam Larkins

Miriam Larkins

Just need some help re building the blue crystal – I’m having a job putting it together the pieces don’t clip round the lights in the middle?

Just need some help re building the blue crystal – I’m having a job putting it together the pieces don’t clip round the lights in the middle?





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