The Best Ship MOC Ideas You Should Never Miss Out On

The Best Ship MOC Ideas You Should Never Miss Out On

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LEGO pirate ship MOC builds are always going to be popular with builders and collectors because of cross-over appeal. On one hand, you have the grown-up sets that are reminiscent of scale models and ship-in-bottle challenges. On the other, you have the more childlike fantastical sets that lean into the stories of treasure hunts and epic battles. It is easy to get lost in the stories and locations.

This is why there are so many different models available, not just in official LEGO sets but also in LEGO pirates MOC models online. You are spoiled for choice out there, but we've selected some of the best that celebrate different styles. There is a classic scale model, a nerdier ship linked to a franchise, a fun pirate adventure set, and one that focuses more on movement and lighting.

3 Of The Best LEGO Ship MOC Builds To Check Out

1) The Crimson Sparrow 

If you are looking for an attractive model ship to build, without any extra like set designs and extras, you might appreciate this model created by SkywardBrick. The Crimson Sparrow livers up to its name with its figurehead and some beautiful dark red elements against the deep brown woodwork of the decking. There are also lots of black and gold accents for contrast. From there, you get to add nice details to the deck to add character and make it look as though this it s ready for adventure. There is plenty of firepower from the 24 cannons, 2 swivel guns, 2 motors, and 2 chase cannons. You also have the chance to build the interior with the captain's cabin, hold, and jail. The cabin is the grandest part, with a writing desk, skylight, and treasure.

The Crimson Sparrow Moc

One downside to be aware of here is that you do have to source the sails yourself to complete this. It requires 7 in total, 6 18 by 28 sails for the masts and a 17 by 20 one for the front. The recommendation is to use the one from The Queen Anne's Revenge set 4195-1. Still, this is worth the effort for the aesthetic of the finished model.

2) Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw'' 

Fans of the video game series Assassins Creed are sure to be drawn to this MOC build by Hasskabal. There is no official collaboration between LEGO and Ubisoft right now, but this build is about as close as we're going to get. The design of this ship is based on the one from the Black Flag installment. The designer took important stats about the size and construction of the ship to create this impressive replica in brick form.


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw'' moc


The finished model has a classic look without getting too childlike or over-the-top in its features. It really does look like it could have sailed the high seas under the command of real pirates at the time. This is helped by the attention to detail in the rigging and the extra features across the deck. The little lookout point and ship wheels are just the right sizes for any pirate minifigures. While there is more of a niche appeal to this one, it blends nerd culture, scale-model set building, and great LEGO features with ease.

3) Barracuda Bay / 21322 Alternate Build 

This next pirate ship model goes in a completely different direction from the model ships by offering a broader pirate theme and a more light-hearted setup. This is more like the younger LEGO pirate sets we are used to, and that's because it is an alternate version of a legitimate set. This alternative build blends a pirate ship with an offshore hideout to create something with room for creative play. Therefore, you could turn this into a collaborative project and toy with kids, rather than have it purely as a display model.

Barracuda Bay / 21322 Alternate Build moc

This version reworks the structure of the original to create the look of the ship moored up against a little island. The ship is nice enough, with the striped sails and the little Jolly Rodger flag at the back. But, the most interesting features lie within the structures on the island. There is a jail, a place for a cannon, and an unnerving number of skeletons. You also get a row boat for the crew, palm trees, and other little details. It might not be as creative as the other two, but it is still a lot of fun.

Don't Miss Out The Funwhole Ocean Adventure Ship 

Finally, we have something completely different from our Funwhole range. This Ocean Adventure Ship is a great building challenge for those that one to enhance their collection of LEGO Pirate MOC sets. That is because it is a little more engaging and interactive. The moving elements of this set help set it apart from static LEGO modes. The small ship sits on top of a series of carefully crafted waves on a transparent ocean surface. This structure allows for mechanisms to move the boat and the tentacles of the Kraken out to take it down into the briny deep.

Then there are the light-up features to highlight key elements in more detail and make this even more appealing and night. The LED lights from the lighthouse and the searchlight on the front of the ship help guide the vessel away from danger. The light also makes the creatures and seaweed within the transparent base look even better. This is a beautiful model that requires some patience to put together but is sure to be unlike anything else in your maritime collection.

You Can Build An Impressive Fleet Of MOC Lego Ship Models

These models are just a taster of what you can find online in LEGO pirate ship MOC models. There really is something for all tastes and styles thanks to the clever work of top designers. Somewhere among them is a set that is the perfect mix between an attractive display model, interactive toy, and challenging build. Whether you go for the classic replica ship or a more interactive light-up model, you can't really go wrong.

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