5 Best Castle MOC ideas To Check Out

5 Best Castle MOC ideas To Check Out

Castle-themed LEGO sets and medieval builds have a long tradition. Many of us enjoyed building different models as kids where we could set up a grand residence for the king and fight enemies as knights on horseback. As adults, we still enjoy these designs, as well as more grown-up architectural models. That is why there are so many great LEGO castle MOC options out there to take advantage of.

Step Back In Time With The Best LEGO Medieval MOC Designs

While models like the LEGO 31120 Medieval Castle are always going to be popular for their fun creative play features and design elements, there are so many more building options out there. A LEGO castle MOC is a great way to take existing kits and turn them into something a little different and more interesting. There are sure to be some great examples of LEGO 31120 MOC designs online, but there are also creative alternatives that offer the chance to build a castle from both the fantasy realm and real life.

Unique Castle MOC ideas

So, here are 5 of the best LEGO Castle MOC and alternative builds to help you fortify your LEGO collection.

1) Black Falcon Fortress 

When building LEGO castle models from imagination, we always wanted them to be as grand and impenetrable as possible. This LEGO castle MOC takes that to another level by taking duplicates of an official LEGO set and bringing in additional parts. It requires 3 boxes of the Medieval Castle set and 1893 additional parts, which you can find details of in the building guide. This leads to a massive structure reaching 46cm tall, 72.5cm wide, and 46cm deep.

Black Falcon Fortress

You can build everything the castle needs, including the steps up to the drawbridge, the tall grey stone walls, all the turrets and towers, and more. There are also the interior elements of the throne room, mill, dungeon, working well, and living areas. From there, the same great details from the original, such as the water, moss, and flags, finish it off nicely.

2) Funwhole Castle on The Cliff   

Finally, we want to recommend something a little different from the Funwhole collection. Like the others, there is a great castle design that immediately transports you to another age. This time, the theme is King Arthur's castle at Tintagel, which is reimagined here complete with the infamous sword in the stone. This real-life Cornish castle is an architectural wonder set high on the cliff edge, and builders can create this with a great base and intricate translucent waves.

Funwhole Castle on The Cliff

What makes this model even more appealing is the use of light and movement - unlike the ones above. Builders can turn the handle at the back to give life to those crashing waves, while the LED light system illuminates the torches and adds a haunting glow to the water. This is really easy to set up for a great effect while on display on your room.

3) Neuschwanstein Castle 

If you thought the Black Falcon MOC LEGO castle was big, it has nothing on this fan-made creation. This Neuschwanstein Castle set lets you recreate a real castle rather than anything fantastical, and is one that many tourists still visit today. Because of this, the designer had no choice but to get the detail right. Therefore, you have 57,640 pieces to assemble to do the building justice.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The build is split between three main elements to help offer some forward planning. In addition to the main "Body" of the castle, there is the red-brick gate and a grand courtyard to give it depth. A fun extra feature here is that you can add in a light set if you want thanks to the scale and transparent windows. This would turn the build into an even more impressive display piece.

4) Hogwarts 

Next up is another scale model build based on a famous castle, only this one is from the fantasy realm. Hogwarts castle always looks impressive on film and the books talk about a labyrinth of corridors, classrooms, halls, and more. The designer here took a series of official sets from the 2018-2020 Harry Potter line to build one of the most authentic and detailed LEGO castle MOC builds yet.


There are 8 elements to this build that fit together to create everything you would expect to find. This means all kinds of rooms with all the official features needed to add that magical atmosphere. You also get plenty of stone bricks to recreate the grandeur of the exterior. The other bonus of using so many official sets to create this build is that you should end up with a lot of great accessories and minifigures to play with.

5) Castle-style Dice Tower 

So far, all the builds have been pretty big and challenging build to create those grand fortresses. However, there are also lots of great LEGO moc castle-themed builds out there. There are medieval towns and extensions, but this model offers something completely different.

Best lego Castle MOC

Here, you get the chance to build a more practical little tool than a display model. This build only requires just over 200 pieces, so shouldn't be difficult to source, but you still get a fun design with greater long-term value. The black and grey tower has a nice design with a little crest by the door. That door then flips up and down on a hinge to close the body up and then release the dice. It is a simple but effective tool that can help avid boardgame players or really make an impression when hosting a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

The Range OF MOC LEGO Castle Models Is extensive

As this list shows, there are lots of different designs from small little side-projects and extension pieces to the largest scale models imaginable. You can also find more creative models that take advantage of light and movement to transform the building into a working fortress. Whatever design you choose, you are sure to have a lot of fun building it and expanding your collection.

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