Unique Modular House MOC sets

Unique Modular House MOC Ideas To Know

One of the first things we will build as children when playing with LEGO is a house. Over time, as we build our imagination and motor skills, those houses get bigger and more interesting. Once we reach adulthood and can build any high-end set we want with detailed pieces and features, we still turn to houses. There is just something comforting and satisfying about building miniature homes.

Because of this, clever LEGO designers and those with a passion and brick-based sets have come up with some impressive LEGO house MOC sets. They come in all different shapes and sizes and span centuries in terms of their inspiration. There is something for everyone out there, but here are 5 of the best right now.

5 Fun LEGO House Designs To Try For Yourself

1) LEGO MOC Custom Medieval House  

Let's start with something quite familiar for those with a love of LEGO medieval sets. This designer, MOCOPOLIS, actually has a few designs available to work from online, so you might want to build a more elaborate series over time. But, this one is a great starting point. The house is more modest than some, with a nice two-story stone and wood structure. The contrast in the building materials is made clear for great visual appeal. The slats of wood and window features in dark brown look great against the many studs and rounder pieces of the stone wall.

LEGO MOC Custom Medieval House

The modular build allows for the creation of a lower-level living area with a dining table and fireplace and an upper area for sleeping. There are also some nice decorative features for the roof, a wooden outbuilding for storage, and some fun exterior elements like grass and mushrooms.

2) Modular Medieval French House 2  

The next modular MOC house design keeps us back in olden times but with something a little grander and decorative. If the first home was that of someone working out in a remote village, these are the home of the townsfolk they'd come to sell their crafts to. These French-inspired designs have a modular design so that you can work story by story across the residence. The attention to detail outside the home is what sells this set. There are beautiful blue shutters on the windows, torches, and lanterns outside the doors on the lower level, and flowers climbing the walls.

Modular Medieval French House 2

From the back, you can see straight into the various rooms, such as the kitchen and bedroom. Residents can take the stairs at the side to the second floor, while guests can enter through the double doors once the guard checks their credentials. It will take a lot of work to get this LEGO medieval house MOC right, but it is worth it.

3) Modular Family Houses (2 on 1 plate) - Winter Edition  

Most house-based MOC set designs online are based around this medieval theme because that is what is available for source material. However, there are also some interesting designs with a far more modern twist. This one works best when you see the potential as a decorative item. Anyone that has a LEGO holiday train needs a little model village to build the track around.

Modular Family Houses (2 on 1 plate) - Winter Edition

This scene is perfect because you get to build a modern snowy neighborhood on a simple plate. There are 12 little family homes with subtle differences in their designs and colors. Each one has a snow-covered roof and a chimney with a smoke stack. Outside, there are snow-covered trees and shrubs, and lampposts evenly spaced around the edge. This is quite a subtle design and not the greater challenge, but it has great potential to elevate other scenes.

4) Funwhole Wood Cabin

Another contemporary option is to go for a wood cabin. This Funwhole set looks like the perfect place to visit when you need a week away in the country. The exterior has that rustic charm you want from a timber-built home with steps leading up to a long covered porch area and thick slats across the walls. There is also a large conifer tree and a buildable sheep to bring nature right to the front door.

Funwhole Wood Cabin

Inside, guests can relax in the large living space and make a nice hot meal with the coal stove. Upstairs there is a cozy room for those getting away to write while there is more than enough food stored in the basement. Once night falls, you can make use of the LED light kit to make the cabin even more inviting.

5) Funwhole Lakeside Lodge

Finally, how about vacationing at a lakefront home instead? This one is a beautiful and serene hideout for guests that love to go fishing. The exterior scene on the large base plate includes some water and vegetation with a little jetty and fishing rod ready for the next catch. There is also a little firepit where you can set up the caught fish and turn them into a tasty supper. Inside there is a kitchen and living area on the ground floor and a loft space with a balcony on the upper floor.

As with the Wood Cabin, the lighting on this modular LEGO home really helps enhance the atmosphere. There are two sides to this, with the warm LEDs from the windows and lanterns of the house and the cooler lights highlighting the water and jetty.

Find A Modular MOC House That Suits Your Tastes 

These LEGO MOC house sets are just a taste of the many different homes you can get. If you like the traditional LEGO medieval MOC sets then you are spoiled for choice because there are so many original sets to transform into new arrangements. But, you will be surprised by what contemporary options are out there.

If you prefer building the more aspirational vacation homes then you can't go wrong with these Funwhole cabin and lodge sets either, especially when they make such great use of lighting kits. Either way, there is plenty of fun in store for those that simply love building brick-build model houses in any form.

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