What's Lighthouse of Alexandria And Is It Still Standing?

What's Lighthouse of Alexandria And Is It Still Standing?

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Is the Lighthouse of Alexandria still standing? Unfortunately, you can't see the Lighthouse of Alexandria any more when you visit Egypt. This magnificent structure that once stood proud in the Egyptian city of Alexandria is now gone. Where the lighthouse once stood, you can now see the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Everything You Need to Know About the Lighthouse of Alexandria in A Nutshell

The Lighthouse of Alexandria must have been an amazing sight to see as you approached Alexandria from the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed that this amazing structure stood at least 100 meters tall. The height of the lighthouse is not the only thing that made it amazing.

The History Of Lighthouse of Alexandria

The entire story of this structure makes it exciting. Ask any Egyptian tour guide and he will tell you many exciting Lighthouse of Alexandria facts.

The lighthouse was also called the Pharos of Alexandria. We mustn't forget that during this time the reigning family of Egypt was from the Ptolemy line. This Greek family brought many ideas and innovations with them from their homeland of Greece. New building techniques helped Egypt to prosper. Subsequently trade with other countries around the Mediterranean Sea increased.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria

However, the shoreline and approach to Alexandria harbor were hazardous. Many ships and merchants were concerned about approaching the harbour. So, it was decided that to make Alexandria easier to access from the Mediterranean Sea, a lighthouse would be built.

It is not clear how long it took to construct the Lighthouse of Alexandria. But, it believed that it was constructed in record time. Sometime in between 280-247 BC the Pharos of Alexandria lit up the harbor of Alexandria for the first time. It must have been a spectacular sight!

Why Is The Lighthouse Of Alexandria a wonder?

As you can probably imagine, building any structure over 100 meters at the time was a real challenge. Up until then, different building techniques had been used in Egypt. Now for the first time, a tall structure of what may have been over 100 metres was constructed. Before long, it was to become one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Of course, much of this was down to the Lighthouse of Alexandria height. A 100 meter structure was an outstanding feat at the time.

Also, the Lighthouse of Alexandria occupied such a prime position in the Eastern Harbour. From the sea, it must have looked fantastic. No longer did approaching ships and merchants anxious to trade with Egypt have to worry about sailing into the port city.

The Mediterranean Sea around this part of the Egyptian coast has long been known for sudden and unexpected changes in the weather. The same is true today. Storms and severe winds appear from nowhere and sweep through the city. Ancient sailors must have been grateful for the decision to build the lighthouse.

Needless to say, building the lighthouse was in Egypt's interest. It helped to grow the country's economy and increased visitor numbers to the country. Not only did Egypt trade in physical goods, it also traded in knowledge. Many came to Egypt to study.

What Happened To The Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Is the Lighthouse of Alexandria still standing? Unfortunately, the lighthouse has like so many other treasures in Egypt been consigned to history. Not only have we seen the loss of the lighthouse. The Library of Alexandria was destroyed in a fire. We will never know what secrets of the ancient world the library held.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was destroyed in a series of earthquakes between 956 and 1323 AD. The last of the stones and mortar that made up the lighthouse was used to build a citadel. Other Lighthouse of Alexandria can be seen on the harbour floor. Much of Ancient Alexandria now rests on the floor of the harbour. Archaeologists often dive down and bring up parts of the Lighthouse of Alexandria as well as parts of other historic and ancient buildings.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria citadel

If you are in Egypt and visiting Alexandria, you can visit the part of the city where the Lighthouse of Alexandria stood. You have to use your imagination. But, it is not hard to appreciate why the ancient builders picked this spot. The light of the lighthouse must have been easy to see as you made your approach to the harbour. Take some time to appreciate what the experience of arriving in Alexandria would have been like for both merchants and other visitors.

Maybe one day the Lighthouse of Alexandria ruins will " re-surface." It would be wonderful to see this amazing structure standing again.

Build Your Own Lighthouse

If you don't want to wait to see the Lighthouse of Alexandria again, there is now a solution.

The team at Funwhole are passionate about history and have made their own version. Now you build your own Lighthouse of Alexandria. It can take pride of place along with many other exciting building kits offered by Funwhole.

Funwhole F9008

Representing the Lighthouse of Alexandria in kit form is not easy. However, the Funwhole team has made a really good job of putting together a kit which offers you many of the elements which were so unique about the lighthouse.

Maybe you already have a historic building brick collection of ancient structures. If so, adding the Lighthouse of Alexandria to your collection is simply a must. All in all, this is rather a unique kit which will stand out. It has to be said that it is not over complicated to construct. A bit of fun for all of the family.

Funwhole The Lighthouse of Alexandria set

And of course, at the end of the build, you will have your own Lighthouse of Alexandria in your home.

In Conclusion

Alexandria and Egypt are well-worth a visit. In the meantime, until you can get there, you can enjoy the sight of the Lighthouse of Alexandria in your own home with a building kit from Funwhole. Add a few boats and perhaps a shoreline. That way it is even easier to imagine how amazing this ancient structure must have looked when it was built in Alexandria. There is little wonder it became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!

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