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FUNWHOLE Lights Up Building Kits With Its Innovative Brand

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What better way to display your building kit creations than have illumination from inside the model? It will bring the construction to life in new and imaginative ways.

While building block toys had previously only been considered for children, it is now something that more and more adults take up as a hobby. This has now moved beyond standard Lego sets to become a more creative hobby.

Lighting Building Sets Bring a New Dimension of Fun and Joy to Completed Models

My Own Creation, or MOC, is the name given to amazing artistic creations that reach beyond standard sets. MOC designs create more options than was previously possible in the official sets available. Lighting kits push what is possible even further, giving the creator more choices to build stunning designs. 

Building toy sets have been converted into spectacular replicas, with LED lighting kits further helping these creations. Whether famous buildings or other structures from someone's imagination are being created, LED lighting adds something extra and unique to the finished piece.

The building construction playset toys from FUNWHOLE offer the world's first light brick brand. There wasn't previously a brand that allowed brick constructions to look good during the day, as well as making the most of the night.

The LED lights bring out details that won't have been obvious during the day. With multiple light sources inside and out, features will be illuminated in fascinating ways, highlighting things that would have gone unnoticed in the daylight.

For people who just love building construction sets, or even someone looking for an alternative to a jigsaw, building kits are more than just a toy. It offers an exciting option that can relieve stress and allow you to enjoy your free time through a challenging and fun construction project. Adding lights to building kits creates a more fulfilling result that you'll want to display.

For families, it can offer an educational experience for children, helping them to learn about the world. It can bring families together, having fun while working on the building project.

It teaches children the joy of working on and then completing a project like this. It can also help them develop problem-solving skills and patience. It can push them to logically think through the process and stages to complete the model.

FUNWHOLE's light brick kits come with clear detailed full instructions, making completing the project a joy. Easy assembly doesn't mean there isn't a challenge though, with the exhilaration of completing the building construction awaiting the customer.

First Building Playset Of Funwhole

FUNWHOLE's Wood Cabin Building Set with Lights is a 2097 piece set offering fantastic detailing. The cottage offers interior features, like a dining table, writing desk, bed, stove, rocking chair, and more. These features come to life in the dark, thanks to the glow offered by the built-in LED lighting.

The model features porch lamps, bedside lamps, and even an outside lamp to give the included pet sheep some light. These are just some of the included light sources, really making the model come to life.

Part of the back of the model is left open, allowing a better view of the inside of the home. This reveals the living room and kitchen, as well as the drop-down ladder for access to the bedrooms.

The lights are a fully integrated part of the model, with wires hidden away enhancing the finished design. As you connect the piece, the lamps will turn on automatically when you put the final sections together. The wireless power connections allow sections of the cabin to be dismantled without turning off lights in other sections.

The kit offers everything you need to build the cabin, with 3 wireless power connectors, 13 lights, and a battery box. The kit has passed thorough quality checks, guaranteeing the bricks will tightly fit together.

light up funwhole building set


The brand FUNWHOLE, a combination of "fun" and "whole", comes from the vision of creating the whole fun for both the day and night. From its roots in 2014, the company has had the desire to allow customers to fully experience the beauty of their creations, whether in daytime or nighttime.

Offering customers the first dedicated brand of lighting construction bricks, FUNWHOLE is bringing brightness to otherwise difficult to light brick constructions. The brand is pioneering building sets, with bricks that let your constructions come to life when the sun goes down.

FUNWHOLE is a creative brand that is looking to push what is possible in brick construction. It hopes to engage millions of people, offering fun and joy to the brick construction hobby.

It goes beyond just bricks, instead, letting light shine through and creating more delight in building construction toys.

FUNWHOLE's mission is to deliver joy through innovation. Following the vision to become the world's most innovative lighting brick brand.

Business Timeline

From an idea in 2014, the parent company of FUNWHOLE was created. Designed to meet growing global user demand for innovation in the toy market, delivering joy through their products.

When developing their product range of building brick toys in 2015, this building sets company hit upon the idea of LED lighting kits. To enhance Lego brick sets, LED kits transformed the toy into a more dynamic finished product.

Through 2017, the company worked on developing its supply chain to ensure high-quality products for its customers. The result of this was better customer satisfaction and an improved user experience when incorporating LED kits in their building toys. 

While the early lighting kits might only have had a single lighting effect, this was improved in 2018. With trial and error testing, better kits were created that allow the user to experience multiple sources of light in building brick sets.

In 2020, work officially began to develop our own lighting building sets. And following two years of development, FUNWHOLE was launched with the 1.0 version of lighting bricks.

Building on these achievements, FUNWHOLE plans new iterations of designs, improving on what is possible.

To find out more about FUNWHOLE and our products, visit our website:

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